Existing loyal traders will receive a $30 reload bonus on your next deposit of $100, after your welcome bonus has expired.

At DollarsMarkets, we care about your profitability and are giving you another boost to further rocket your trading career!


  1. USD 30 credit given upon next deposit of minimum USD 100.
  2. Expires in 30 days.
  3. Trade minimum of 10 lots to withdraw USD 30 reload bonus.
  4. Maximum lot trade size is 0.1 USD.
  5. Reload bonus will be forfeited if the equity of your account is less than the bonus.
  6. Reload bonus will be forfeited upon early withdrawal or internal transfer out (before completion of 10 lots traded).
  7. This Offer can’t be used in conjunction with any other DollarsMarkets promotion. Only effective after welcome bonus has expired.
  8. The Company reserves the right to change the terms of promotion without prior notification.
  9. This Offer can only be claimed once per client.
  10. This Offer is only eligible for MT4 Welcome Bonus account.
  11. Clients will need to contact support in order to claim their Reload Bonus.